Destar has provided several systems for companies and institutions in the Financial Services Sector.

Solutions for the Electronic Financial Transaction Processors such as Banks and third party service providers, starting from Automated Transaction Reconciliation systems, Shared Network Payment Settlement Systems, Mobile Recharge & Settlement Systems, Dispute Management Systems and Cash Management Systems using Artificial Intelligence and advanced technologies to give our customers the competitive edge.


"Forecash” our Cash Management & Forecasting software solution enables organizations to manage the flow of cash effectively and optimally. Forecash enables you to predict peaks and troughs in your cash balance at various cash points whether ATM's or bank branches. It helps you to plan how much and when to request and how much available cash you're likely to have at a given time. Reduce Cash Outs & improve your Cash Efficiency Ratio.

Finport - Financial Data Management
Centralized information system for wall street based fund houses, collecting data from Portfolio Management, Subscription Services, Public Domain Information, and Office tools such as excel and word. The system consolidates information and provides web based reporting services that drastically reduces analysis latency for financial analysts.

Automatic Reconciliation Package for (ATM’s)

Complete Software for Reconciliation of ATM’s – Automated Teller Machines. Sources of data: Electronic Journal File from ATM, Switch data and Cash in Transit company data. Handles Financial Transactions for ATM’s automatically.

ATM Shared Network Settlement System

Daily Settlement Reports between Acquirer and Issuer Banks are generated using this system. The system handles Transaction Slabs for Fee Calculation.

Mobile Recharge Settlement System
Daily Settlement Reports between Mobile Operators and Banks for ATM/SMS based recharge of Prepaid SIM Cards are generated using this system. The data is sourced from the switch and collated into an Excel Sheet. The system handles multiple Fee Tiers, Adjustment Reports and Integrates with ERP