Effective Risk Management is a critical component of any winning management strategy.

A Risk Management program allows an organization to actually take on additional risk while growing more securely. Risk Management is a process used to avoid, reduce or control risks. Some risks can be insured or hedged, others can not. Ignoring the risks which apply to your business activities or the events you have planned could impact on the business related resources.

A Systematic approach to managing risk is now regarded as good management practice.

There are six steps to Risk Management: Establish the Context, Identify the Risks, Analyze the Risk, Evaluate the Risk, Manage the Risk and Review.

RISKMAN: An online software for Risk Reporting and Regulatory Compliance.

Our Risk Management Solutions help put in place a comprehensive Risk Management Framework, Effective Control Framework and a Monitoring and Scoring Mechanism for Early Warning and Control of Business Risks on a Real Time Basis.


The four key decisions which you can make using FIRM are:
Setting priorities of identified uncertainties
Selecting appropriate candidate actions
Estimating the effectiveness of planned action(s)
Total costs of risk